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The natural beauty of green – Trend colour s/s 2023

Calm, harmony and perseverance are the 3 keywords of the colour green – not by chance it correlates with the fourth Chakra, that of the heart and feelings.

The colour green infuses calm and is very useful for reducing mental stress because it acts on the nervous system, quieting the accelerated rhythms.

It acts on the memory and control we have over ourselves and the situations we experience. At the same time it makes us more reflective, calm and ready for action.

Being the colour of nature, it is the symbol of regeneration: this is also why it is strongly suggested at times of change (a move, a change of job, a new phase of life in general) as it helps us to ground and maintain clarity of purpose and goals.

Let’s take a look at some of the green shades in Ballsmania® creations (if you want to see them all, click on the links to the collections at the end of the article).

Starting with the iridescent green colours of the Superstar Collection, which catch the eye for their brilliant sophistication. Very cool!!

Nelle Tinta Unita troviamo svariate nuances di verde: verde vivid, verde nilo, verde lime, verde olive …

For those who love colour movement, here are the Seasons: the 3-colour collection specially created to play with colour nuances.

Finally, the colour Green Metal  is our proposal for this roundup of colours and possibilities.

The Metal collection goes beautifully with the solid colour: to create a customised, unique and special outfit!


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