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NUDE, timeless charm.

The nude palette is by definition neutral, so it is perfect for toning down the intensity of pop tints and other combinations.

The nude colours come in different shades and give that touch of elegance.

Offered in an almost infinite variety of shades, the secret to styling is to choose it as close as possible to your skin tone.

Let’s take a look at some of the nude shades in Ballsmania® creations.

Starting with the iridescent colours Vanilla Dream and Lady (Superstar Collection) which catch the eye for their brilliant sophistication.

The powder colour is a particular shade of pink tending towards white.

This shade can be chosen as an alternative to the usual neutrals such as dove grey, white, cream, as well as the colour Carne pink.

BallsMania Colore Beige 14-1118

La The classic Beige cannot be missing in this group of nude colour creations: it is a MUST HAVE for all 4 seasons and easily combinable with brighter colours.

For those who love colour motifs, there is the Season modello 009, which is one of the best-selling of the Season collection (three-colour necklaces).

Collana Season Corda Rosa Carne Tortora

Finally, the colour ROSA METAL is our proposal for this roundup of colours and possibilities. For at least three years now, this colour has become the best-selling colour in the Metal collection as it is often purchased together with solid colours and worn together to create one’s own colourful style.

Discover here the Ballsmania collections where the NUDE colour variations are present and remember that there are also BRACELETS, ADJUSTABLE RINGS and EARRINGS, both clip and stud.


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