“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.”
Albert Einstein

Mirta Accessori Moda srl was born in 1998, when Mirta Frosini was 23 and decided to establish her own company, specialized in the production of fashion accessories.
Thanks to her passion for fashion and the chance, since she was very young, to visit international exhibitions, during the years, Mirta Accessori Moda srl has grown putting first craftsmanship, quality and originality of guaranteed Made in Italy.
Simultaneously with Mirta Accessori srl and Mirta Bijoux, a brand founded in 2013, always following its own intuition, Mirta promotes a real rebirth of the already known resin spheres, creating a new way to wear them. This is how Ballsmania® is born.

The new and original design is deposited and in a short time, the Balls® collection becomes a symbol of joy: worn both by young girls and by career women or, as in the case of the English Prime Minister, by ladies who have a classic and defined style. In fact, two of the great potentials of this collection are adaptability and the possibility of creating endless games of colour.
The intuition, the imagination and the determination of Mirta Frosini represent an extraordinary mix shared with all the collaborators of the company. Not by chance, the latter, live spaces of sharing and comparison. There is a family atmosphere, with common goals that lead to the growth of everyone, both on a personal and professional level.