BigBalls Mirror


Elastic necklace string made with coloured resin balls and a big mirrored central ball, nickel free.

Packaging incluso! Products that have a finish given by special treatments require greater care and attention when worn.

Gift package included


100% Ballsmania addicted!

The Queen bee of each ball, BigBalls is the new icon of the Ballsmania line. The Big Balls elastic series perfectly complements the bracelets, earrings, and rings from the mirror and solid color collections (available in black and white variants).


(first treatment) Sputtering or PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) is the last frontier in product colouring. It consists of physical vapour deposition: the material is evaporated from a solid source in the form of atoms or molecules and transported in vapour form through a high vacuum environment to the substrate (metal, ceramic, plastic, glass) to be coloured. This method – called “vacuum metallization” or “vacuum” – allows the deposition on a substrate of a thin film of metal (chrome, brass, copper or other metals) in a vacuum condition. The vacuum allows metal molecules to move from the evaporation source to the surfaces to be coated without encountering the obstruction of air and other gaseous particles. It is a deposition method capable of generating the thinnest and most uniform coating possible, without generating waste of valuable materials. The process, dry and at low temperature, forms an unbreakable bond between the metal film and the substrate, which are welded together at the molecular level generating an extremely resistant and durable coating.

Vacuum Metallization allows to coat any type of material indistinctly from shape, geometry and size, obtaining both technical and decorative objects with a bright, reflective, metallic as well as variously colored appearance.

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