Ballsmania For Pets


Once again the imagination, once again the color. The idea was born from love for animals, who have always accompanied the life of designer Mirta Frosini. An extension of the already well -known Ballsmania brand, to get to Tuttə, but just all! A way to give small moments of happiness and fun, with an accessory different from the others, which will make your hair differentiates in a original and above all colorful way!


l prodotto: molto più di un semplice collare! Il prodotto prende ispirazione dalle classiche sfere in resina colorate, simbolo da anni del brand Ballsmania e marchio distintivo conosciuto in tutta Italia e all’estero.

Size S cm20 / M cm25 / L cm32

The sizes in cm refer to the circumference of the neck.


Personalized pack included!

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