“Ballsmania is the manifesto brand of fantasy: with its myriad of colors and finishes, discover the world of the most inclusive jewelry!”

Celebrate your uniqueness with Ballsmania

Designed in Italy with particular care for inclusivity, Ballsmania tells a story of color and inclusivity. Whether you’re a fan of bold combinations or the most delicate shades, you’ll find the jewel that reflects your personality.
Our jewelry is designed to adapt to every lifestyle, every age, every gender: join us on this colorful journey where diversity is celebrated, and beauty is inclusive.
With Ballsmania, your style story begins with a sphere of color that represents you best.





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For Pets

We present you Ballsmania for Pets, where style meets sweetness! Every jewel is created with love and care for our little friends, and make them even more special…and cute!

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