Entra nel colorato mondo

Spring Blue, the color of the sky and the sea

The color of the sky and the sea becomes the most popular basic to combine with other colors for this spring / summer.
Blue expresses loyalty and idealism, is able to convey peace and encourage meditation and extroversion.

The color blue stimulates empathy and diplomacy in social relationships.

Do you love this color?

You are probably a person who seeks harmony towards others too.

You know how to rely on others and have faith in their possibilities.

Those who love the color blue usually have artistic talent, and have good contact between body and mind.

Furthermore, he knows the importance of reflection and never acts on impulse but always with awareness.

Curiosity: the color blue is also used at home in environments intended for the sleeping area or where you want to encourage relaxation, it seems that it also promotes sleep.

For us Italians, light blue is the color of the Italian Republic and is used in the athletes’ uniforms for all Italian representative sports competitions.

Blue has a range of shades that goes from light blue to turquoise, and is one of the colors to which Ballsmania® has dedicated numerous variations of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.

Browse and discover all the blue Ballsmania variants:

Nella moda l’azzurro è il colore perfetto per creare outfits easy-chic, eleganti e “freschi” e si abbina a molti colori creando, a seconda delle esigenze, giochi più intensi e accesi e altri più soft.

Gli abbinamenti CROMATICI più estrosi con il color azzurro?

Certamente con arancio fiamma, verde vivid e viola dalia…

Abbinamenti più classici per l’azzurro invece con il rosa carne (nude), bianco, blu scuro e nero.

Discover the Ballsmania collections here where the NUDE color variations are present and remember that there are also BRACELETS, ADJUSTABLE RINGS and EARRINGS, both clips and pins.


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