“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on!”
Albert Einstein

Mirta Frosini was born in Prato in 1974. She was raised by her family in the suburbs of Pistoia. She spent most of her childhood playing volleyball or in her father’s wool factory. Since she was young she has had the opportunity to visit international shows and to take part in a creative atmosphere that is why she has chosen to work in fashion.
When she was 23 she decided to open her own business called MIRTA ACCESSORI MODA SRL where she sells a wide variety of articles including finished fashion accessories.
The idea of selling finished fashion accessories is very successful thanks to Mirta’s creativity and her intuition helps her to grow her business. Even if in the last 20 years there have been numerous changes in the industrial area of Prato and also in the fashion system, Mirta has chosen to support the handcraft, the quality and the originality of Made in Italy by choosing Italian suppliers and by opting for high quality and control on the materials and on the working process.
Mirta Bijoux was created in 2013. Through Mirta Bijoux, Mirta can express her passion, creativity and ability. The Balls Collection was created the same year: great ideas always come up when creativity meets semplicity. Following her intuition Mirta gives new life to the already well known resin balls by creating a new way of wearing them. The new and original design is patented and in a short time the balls collection became a symbol of happiness: they are worn by young girls as well as by career women or like the English Prime Minister, a lady with her own classical style.
The balls collection has two major characteristics: it suits everyone’s taste and age and it can create endless colour games.
Mirta Bijoux also creates other models of jewellery using particular materials and keeping an eye on new shapes and lines.
Mirta’s brand creates jewellery that complete, match or define an outfit. The new principle is that the accessory is not superfluous but it is a detail that characterises the style of the person that wears it. In Mirta’s company her precious collaborators share space together and each other’s ideas. The atmosphere is familiar and the employees all have the same objective: to grow both personally and professionally.
Mirta Bijoux is a synergy of people whose aim is to show and give space to the ACCESSORY in this case jewellery that becomes the main and attracting factor. Our accessory represents the person that wears it: it shows their passion, creativity and joy (Mirta Frosini).

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