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The #donneconleballs Tour was born with the intention of sharing the world of Balls with you and to introduce our line of accessories to a wider audience.
So, we welcomed the invitation of several Italian boutiques to live together a unique experience, with an atmosphere of sharing that only we can create.

#donneconleballs communicates our way of being Women and fully express our passion and creativity for the universe of fashion accessories. It is thanks to our creativity that, every day, we find new and alternative solutions; our precious attention to the details manifests itself in the search of accessories designed and created to accentuate femininity, experimenting and playing with hundreds of colours.

Discover our tour, what were the last events and what will be our next stages!

black Milano
black Bologna
25 Febbraio 2021
Febbraio 2021
18 19 20 Luglio
14 Dicembre
15 Dicembre
16 Novembre
19 Ottobre
13 Luglio
13 Luglio
13 Luglio
22 Giugno
8 Giugno
9 Giugno
9 Maggio
10 Maggio
11 Maggio
12 Maggio
25 26 27 Febbraio
20 Febbraio
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