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The idea to create an entire collection dedicated to all women is born by a conversation with one of our client, named Silvia, owner of Le Malefatte of Genova. One morning she communicated us the intention to do something concrete to focus on such an important theme like violence against women. The desire to support, promote, and communicate this PRECIOUS message found us in deep connection with her, so Mirta immediately takes action and, playing with the colored BALLS, she has created a specific collection for this theme in a very short time.
The collection is composed by the necklace and the bracelet, and she also has designed the packaging. The creations are composed by resin red balls and one in white with the sign STOP. All the Balls, which have the registered mark, are mounted on an elastic thread and are exclusively made with NKF materials, all made in Italy by Italians suppliers, like all of our creations.
We have chosen to take this project and realize this specific collection to sensitise the public opinion and support all the people involved. Our intention and will is to support with our materials, so we want to devote an amount of money to a Foundation which take care of women and not only, during the delicate phases of this experience.
That’s why we have chosen the  Centro antiviolenza La Nara, because it communicates to us seriousness and competence to take care of women and men who need to be supported, encouraged, take by the hand and helped to get through this discrimination, violence and abuses experience. We strongly believe in this project.
Many hands make light work!

The La Nara Center is registered in the Regional List of Anti-violence Centers and Refuge Houses since 2019, the year in which the Tuscany Region List was established, operates in the Prato area and offers useful services such as: telephone line, psychological support, individual interviews , accompaniment on local services. Among the specific services, there is the temporary reception in the Refuge House, reception at the Second Reception Center, support for parenting and support for children, support in the path of personal autonomy, planning and implementation of training / prevention activities. The association is very active in schools of all types and levels of the territory in order to promote a new gender culture based on equality, rights, overcoming stereotypes and gender differences, against any type of discrimination.
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