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Collezione Tinta Unita - Ballsmania


Classicism that never goes out of fashion!

Available in more than 100 variations of colours, here the Balls are the essential element, as essential is the shade that composes them, flood and shiny.
Differently from the necklace and the bracelet composed with elastic, the earrings have both a pivot and a clip closing.
The pivot is in brass and the parts in metal are totally Nickel free and 100% handcraft.


Created for those who always want to feel Super!

The Ballsmania Superstar Collection is made up of transparent resin spheres with iridescent painting treatment. Metal parts are all Nickel free.
A mix of vivacious and changing tonality that recalls a fantastic world!

Collezione Superstar - Ballsmania
Collezione Metal - Ballsmania


Metal look has never been so "Balls!"

The Ballsmania Metal Collection takes its name from the metal characteristic of its bijoux. The very particular finish is made in differente colours. Metal parts are 100% Made in Italy and Nickel free.
Don't miss this one and only capsule!


The essential contained in the inimitable Balls!

Even more colour for the Capsules Season. Accessories characterized by the composition of 3 colored resin spheres, 100% Nickel free and handcraft. A colored mix which merges Balls with solid color, metallised and transparents. With this collection, the game is stronger than ever: wearing the necklaces and the bracelets Season has never been so easy!

Collezione Season - Ballsmania
Galaxy Collection - Ballsmania


Designed for galactic women! 

The shades of the Galaxy Collection are inspired by the planets of the solar system. The particularity of this collection is represented by the glittery texture of each Ball.

MIRROR - Luxury Collection

The mirror of elegance! 

The Mirror Collection is composed by nickel free mirrored and coloured resin spheres, which represent this both minimal and elegant collection. A passepartout for every occasion!

Collezione Mirror - Ballsmania
Collezione BigBalls - Ballsmania

BIGBALLS - Luxury Collection

100% Balls addicted!

The queen bee of each ball, the BigBalls is the new icon of the Luxury line. Unique in its kind that fully reflects the eccentric and brisk style of the brand. Created to be combined with the balls of the Mirror Collection. Top quality materials for this flagship collection of the Ballsmania brand.


Balls eco-friendly!

The brand-new collection of Ballsmania is entirely made in respect of the environment. Balls made with biodegradable and recycled materials. Our ethical choice to prevent and reduce the environmental impact also in the world of bijoux, safeguarding the environment that surrounds us, has led us to select the top quality biodegradable and recycled materials .

BioBalls Collection - Ballsmania
Collezione Stop alla Violenza - Ballsmania


Stand up for women!

With this collection, Ballsmania wants to take side for all the women who have been victims of violence and for them it creates a new packaging all dedicated to the fight against the violence: a pin, a bracelet and a nekclace with the classics resin balls in red and one in white with the "STOP" sign: because it must never happen again!



Stars have never been so close.

The unmistakable balls are dressed with the stars. Each ball is embellished with a coloured star in the centre!
Metal parts are all Nickel free.

Collezione Bag - Ballsmania
Collezione Symballs - Ballsmania


State your identity!

Hearts, crowns and dollars are the icons highlighted on each resin sphere, which represent this original and funny collection.


Accessories that made the difference. Perfect for every look!

From the passion for the shapes and the colours borns the Ballsmania bags: My BallsBag and SuperStar. Bags with a circular form enriched by the resin spheres, unmistakable characteristic of the brand. A unique style and destined to become an everlasting icon for every look.

Collezione Bag - Ballsmania
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