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    SymBalls Necklace

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    Elastic necklaces strings made with resin balls and symbols

    Ballsmania Collection - Design Registrato 

    Products that have a finish given by special treatments require greater care and attention when worn.

    Necklaces: 25 balls of 22 mm diameter, elastic necklace length 60 cm

    • Bianco - Dollaro Oro
    • Nero - Dollaro Oro
    • Nero - Cuore Oro
    • Nero - Corona Oro
    • Bianco - Corona Oro
    • Bianco - Cuore Oro
    • Very Pery/Bianco
    • Very Pery/Rosso
    • Oro/Rosso
    • Very Pery/Nero
    • Corona Very peri/ Nero
    • Dollaro Very Pery/Nero
    • Corona Very Pery/Rosso
    • Dollaro Very Peri/Rosso
    • Corona Very Peri/ Bianco
    • Dollaro Very Peri/ Bianco

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    Three symbols, a thousand vibrations!

    Hearts, crowns and dollars are the icons - embossed on each resin sphere, representing this original and witty collection. The Balls of this collection are distinguished by the metal icon applied in relief on every single resin sphere. The Balls of this collection are made of resin with hand-glued inserts in nickel Free metal Ballsmania products are strictly MADE IN ITALY and nickel free, made in compliance with Italian and European regulations, with attention to the materials used and the environment.

    Heart, crown and dollars are the icons highlighted on each resin sphere, which represent this original and funny collection. 


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