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Acquista su Ballsmania

Bracciali BioBalls

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Bracelet made with biodegradable and recycled materials. BallsMania® Collection - Registered Design

  • 0002 BEIGE - Bio
  • 0003 LEGNO - Bio
  • 0001 VERDE - Bio
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BioBalls is the brand-new collection of Ballsmania entirely made in respect of the environment. The eco-friendly balls have the distinctive trait of our fashion accessories and are made with biodegradable and recycled materials. Our ethical choice to prevent and reduce the environmental impact also in the world of bijoux, safeguarding the environment that surrounds us, has led us to select the top-quality biodegradable and recycled materials.

BML (var.brown)

A material that belongs to the bioplastic family, as it consists of a plastic component and 30-40% wood fibre (i.e. natural vegetable component). The wood used in this compound comes from selected production waste, thus avoiding the felling of trees in complete respect of the environment. Moreover, the complete recyclability of the compound within the production chain is guaranteed.

BPO + MASTER (var.beige-green) Ecological material both for the creation process from which it derives: it is a bio-based polyester, and for the end-of-life disposal method: it is industrially biodegradable. The production of this material avoids the use of oil, favouring the use of renewable raw materials such as sugar cane, starch and cellulose. Its biodegradability, through industrial composting, offers a simpler and faster disposal and recycling management of the product compared to traditional plastics, reducing the burden on waste treatment plants and consequently on the environment in general. The material has been coloured through the use of our master always recycled  

Ballsmania products are Strictly MADE IN ITALY made in compliance with Italian and European standards, with extreme attention to the materials used and the environment.



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