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    Metallic Bracelet

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    Elastic bracelet made with transparent resin spheres in metal effect. Nickel free.  

    BallsMania® Collection - Registered Design

    Products that have a finish given by special treatments require greater care and attention when worn.

    Balls size 22 mm diameter

    • Blue Metal Powder 14-4214
    • Lilla Metal 15-1905
    • Corvino Gray Metal 19-0000
    • Fuchsia Metal 18-2143
    • Golden Brown Metal 18-0940
    • Gold Rose Metal 13-1012
    • Bronze Metal 17-0942
    • Princess Blue Metal 19-4150
    • Golden Beige Metal 14-1012
    • Silver Metal 14-5002
    • Copper Metal 16-1325
    • Blu Capri Metal 17-4735
    • Viola Ametista Metal 18-3015
    • Rosso Granata Metal 18-1633
    • Verde Menta Metal 16-5938
    • VerdeAbete-18-0627
    • ViolaBacco 19-3938
    • BluOceano 18-4718
    • Rust Orange Metal 18-1345
    • Blu Classy Metal 19-4110
    • Bordeaux Metal 19-1617
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    Designed for women with an unbridled grit! Metal look has never been so "Balls!" The Ballsmania Metal Collection takes its name from the metal characteristic of its bijoux. The very particular finish is made in different colours.


    Method of mass painting of the article by the use of rotary tumbler. The product is inserted inside a special tumbler with clockwise rotation, outside there are guns that inject the paint inside the tumbler. The rotary movement of the tumbler ensures that the product rolls and is evenly impregnated with the coloured paint.



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    Collezione BallsMania® - Design Registrato