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    Ballsmania for you

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    Stretch bracelet with 9mm mini matte balls

    • Sand 15-1225
    • Black 19-0303
    • Orange 16-1362
    • Coral 15-1334
    • Pink Flesh 14-1313
    • Red Pepper 19-1557
    • Green Olive 18-0316
    • Blue Green 17-5117
    • Vinaccia 19-2430
    • Very Peri

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    Ballsmania for you: born for you and your personality!

    Ballsmania has always been a brand that embraces and welcomes anyone who wants to wear it, through a wide range of colors and collections, without limits to creativity. Ballsmania for you is an extension of this philosophy: elastic bracelets in ten colors, black - pepper red - olive green - burgundy - orange - beige - blue green, pink, sand, very pery - all in the new matte finish! Choose your favorite colors in the brand new tube packaging, reusable as you want: toothbrush holder, jewelry box ... The important thing is always to show your imagination!


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