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Acquista su Ballsmania

    Balls Matte Bracialets in 3 colours

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    Nickel free. BallsMania® Collection - Registered Design Bracelets: 13 balls of 22mm diameter

    • Arancio – Malva – Beige
    • Azzurro – Blu verde – Rosa
    • Viola – Giallo – Beige
    • corallo fluo - arancio - viola
    • verde oliva - spice - gold olive
    • rosso peperone - grigio elephant - nero
    • corallo - verde marcio - ginger

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    NEW CAPSULE COLLECTION Ballsmania, the brand famous for its colours and the many combinations it offers every season, chooses to go BEYOND colour by proposing an unmissable experience involving two senses: sight and touch. The satin effect of the spheres is the distinctive feature of this new collection, and it has been amply demonstrated that thanks to this velvety effect, both touch and sight activate particular neurons in our brain linked to pleasure that activate well-being.

    Technical information. The resin spheres in this collection are subjected to a surface finishing process using rotational tumbling (il buratto a rotazione). The product is placed inside a special tumbler with clockwise rotation: initially grains of pumice stone are placed together with the spheres, and in the final phase semolina is added. At the end, the spheres have a matt effect without any need for varnish or other additional treatments. Ballsmania products are strictly MADE IN ITALY, manufactured in compliance with Italian and European regulations, with extreme attention to the materials used and the environment.


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    Collezione BallsMania® - Design Registrato